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here is a gallery of my fma RPCs, fanfictions, and other stuff.


excpect chibi cuteness XD



hikari kamiwaza
quiz by :iconyumiko12345:


Name (last, first):
Kamiwaza Hikari

Nickname(s): Hikarin, Hiki, Kami-chan, Light-chan, Hika-chama,hika-nee-chan

Age: 14, going on 15

Species: human

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Birthday: augest, 22

Life Story: my parents died when i was young, so i was to live with my aunt and uncle and 4 cousins, but they all died in a house fire, i was wandering, and 7 years ago i met namori, we became state alchemists at ages 13 (namori) and 14 (me)

About You

Personality: very motherly, kind, spazzy, sweet, concerned, and loving, very determined to protect her friends and those she cares about. she tries to be strong in the hardest situations.

Good Habit(s):
kind, patient, loving, understanding. determined

Bad Habit(s): a bit of a spazz, ditzy, shy, looks down on self a lot, murderous if provoked. easily angered if provoked. can be lustful for the person she likes.

Like(s): children, animals, alchemy, *coughcough*envy*coughcough* and my friends

Dislike(s): war, animals and children dying, people who are like greed-san. archer.

Hobbies: drawing,singing,reading

Fear(s): frank archer, needles, frank archer, big spiders, and frank archer, (he REALLY scares me!)

Strength(s): alchemy, kindness.

Weakness(es): ditzy, can be made to blush if you touch her "in the right spot" :paranoid: tends to look down on self.

Special Powers/Abilities: air alchemy

Extras: i have severa characters who look like or kinda look like me (kagami,hikaru,hikaru kingston,miranda,kage,darkari,and dragon)

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: to end the war.

Occupation/Job: state alchemist.

Family and Friends

Parent(s): i never met them

Sibling(s): i don't have any

Relative(s): my aunt, uncle, and cousins {dead}

Pet(s): i dun know

Best Friend(s): namori, ed, al, kagami, mink, winry

Friend(s): namori, ed, al, kagami, mink, winry, roy, riza, asagi, tomoyo, mariku, muhad, aya, wrath, elicia, nina, breda, falman, havoc, denny, maria ross, sheska, furey, kimbley, bido, barry

Crush(es): envy :giggle:

Rival(s): none

Enemies: greed,the order of AKUMA and frank archer, especially frank archer.

Fullmetal Alchemist Information

Are you an Alchemist?: yes, self-taught actually ^^; (i learned on my own)

Alchemist Title: The Freebird Alchemist

Are you part of the State Military?: yes

Military Ranking: major

Skills in Alchemy: 9/10

Are you a fighter or healer?: healer

Weapon(s): gun on occasion.

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: thin, moeish

Blood Type: AB+

Height: 5'7"

Weight: a lady never tells~ 'p

Outfit(s): state military uniform usually, but wears other things too, often feminine clothing.

Accessories: idk.

Makeup: none

Scent: strawberries and cream

Hairstyle(s): long and straight

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: odd marking of a moon on my chest

Appearance [if you don't have a picture, just delete this]: look at the above picture

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: there is no equivelant exchange for love....

Favorite Food(s): idk

Favorite Color(s): all of them!

Favorite Number(s): 7

Favorite Season(s): all of them

Favorite Holiday(s):all of them

Favorite Time of Day: day time

Theme: idk

What would you like to happen? [Any specific ideas? Anything particular that you'd like to happen? It can just be a word, too. Something for me to work from.]:i want this war to finally end.

Character Opinions [What Your OC thinks about the characters]

Good Guys

Elric Family

Edward Elric: he's a nice boy really, but over reacts a lot ^^;

Alphonse Elric: he's so sweet.

Trisha Elric: she must have been a very kind mother....

Hohenheim of Light: he's mysterious...


Rosť Thomas: her son is so cute!

Winry Rockbell: she's really nice.

Pinako Rockbell: she shouldn't smoke!

Sheska: she's nice, i think she's get along well with furey :giggle:


Alexander Louis Armstrong: he's strong!

Izumi Curtis: she's really strong! O_O;

Basque Gran: i didn't get to meet him

Lyra: she's unique

Dr. Tim Marcoh: i never met him

Roy Mustang: he's the one i work under, he's like an uncle to me

Russell and Fletcher Tringum: i think they're nice boys.

Shou Tucker: half of me forgave him, but part of me never will...

State Military

Frank Archer: *gulp* he's creepy! and he has abused me and tried to kill me.

Heymans Breda: he's funny

Denny Brosh: like an older brother to me

Vato Falman: he helps me out a lot.

Kain Fuery: i should pair him with sheska :giggle: he's a very nice person^^

Jean Havoc:
he's ok, but i wish he didn't have to smoke so much....

Riza Hawkeye: like a mother to me...

MaŽs Hughes: he's really nice to me....

Maria Ross: she's helped me out a lot.

Yoki: he's odd....


Dorochet: he's just diffrent than the others...

he almost killed me with his hammer!

Martel/Marta: nearly killed me...


Scar: i've never had actually contact with him yet

Scar's Brother: never met him

Random People

Selim Bradley: he's so cute.

Sig Curtis: he's so loving....

Knox: never met him...

Nina Tucker: she's so cute!

Bad Guys

Dante and Her Homunculi

Dante: she's nuts!

Lust: she's intresting.....

Gluttony: he almost ate me..............twice........

Envy: to be honest..............i kinda have a crush on him :blush: and i think he likes me too....

Wrath: i can't ever get mad at him, he's like a baby brother to me^^

Sloth: she's odd....

Greed: he nearly killed me twice! and he's just evil and cruel.....and a pervert that tried to molest me.....:shudder:

Pride: the furher?!?!? o_0;

Other Bad Guys

Zolf J. Kimbley: he's ok, and kinda funny.

he's funny! :giggle:

Barry the Chopper: he's not all bad.


Ling Yao: he's funny.

Mei Chan: so cute!

Lan Fan: i like her.

Armony Eiselstein: she's ok

Jack Crowley: i don't care what he tells me, i still feel sorry for him

Alfons Heiderich: poor man...

Noa: a gypsy...intresting^^

Hanussen: he seems alright......nicer than archer at least.....

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